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WSU vs. Arizona football: Baxter’s beer of the game

Baxter says “to the victors go the spoils.”

A couple weeks ago, before the Arizona State game, Baxter chose a beer to review and sent me a photo while I was in New Orleans. I didn’t have the chance to write that up, but I held onto the picture for a future game. That beer was Sticky Hands from Block 15 Brewing. Now, why didn’t we just re-purpose that beer for last week’s game against Oregon State? Well, you see, Block 15 is located in Corvallis.

When I first started this Baxter’s beer column back in 2012, I began with the legendary Alchemist Heady Topper. After that, I was inspired—I had an idea to feature a beer from the same state as the school that WSU is playing. I began researching beers I could buy in Vermont--California would be easy, so would Oregon. Others, such as Arizona, would require ordering online. No matter, I was excited at the prospect to explore new beers.

So I debuted this concept with Boulder Beer Mojo IPA when the Cougs hosted Colorado in 2012. You remember how that game went, and if you don’t, please don’t look it up. It’s not fun.

With that, I scratched the local beer idea, and just went with random beers I like instead. The only guideline now—no beer from the state of WSU’s competition.

(Come to think of it, I featured a Pullman beer for the Apple Cup last year, maybe even that was a mistake. Probably gonna find something from as far away as possible for Black Friday this season. )

And that is why I couldn’t feature Block 15 Sticky Hands last week. I’m guessing that decision gave WSU just enough to overcome that 21-point deficit. You’re welcome, Cougs.

But this week there is no such quandary. So, Baxter, let’s drink some Block 15 Sticky Hands Double IPA.

Craig’s Review: Sticky Hands doesn’t have a single type of hop profile, it has them all. Dank notes, piney aromas, citrus rind and tropical fruit all make appearances at some point. The bitterness on the back end is enough to balance the sweetness from the 8 percent ABV, but subtle enough to remain approachable. The malt profile remains light, however, to allow the hops to take center stage. Block 15 calls it a “Hop Experience Ale” and that is the perfect way to describe it.

Baxter’s Review: I can’t believe Craig is so superstitious about this silly column. He drinks this beer as often as possible, and he even drank it on the night of the game! Sometimes I shouldn’t let him do all the writing. The beer is good, by the way.

Schooner’s Review: Bitter, sweet. These are flavors that I taste. I am a dog.

That’s what I’ll be having as the Cougs take on the Wildcats. What is your poison of choice?