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WSU vs. Idaho football: Baxter's beer of the game

It's early. Let's start drinking.

Early kickoffs, man. You are probably drinking bloody mary's or mimosas or spiked coffee to prepare for WSU vs, Idaho, but Baxter says this is a beer blog so we are rolling with a beer of the game. We've done coffee stouts for early game before, but today Baxter has gone with some juice.

Over the last few years, the northeastern United States has become famous for a particular style of IPA. It's hazy, and typically has juicy hop aromas, such as orange and pineapple and low bitterness. Some contend that the style isn't really an IPA, which is a fair argument, but these beers are packed with hops.

The rest of the U.S. is starting to pick up on the Northeast IPA craze, and the Pacific Northwest is starting to churn out some good ones. Great Notion Brewing in Portland flat out says it aims to make them, and does a fine job. Other breweries that are doing the haziness well are Skookum, Powerhouse and Block 15. Today's selection is from Three Magnets Brewing in Olympia.

Little Juice IPA is normally a cleaner-looking beer, but for Little Juice "Smoothie Edition", Three Magnets brings the cloudy look to the beer, while keeping the juicy flavors.

Craig's Review: Citrus in the nose, orange juice up front. Not bitter on the back end. Crushable. Goes great with bacon and eggs in the morning.

Baxter's Review: Is Craig drinking juice or beer? Looks like juice, but he is starting to slur his speech. It's the perfect time to steal his breakfast burrito.

Schooner's Review: (can't drink beer because his head in enveloped in the cone of shame. Getting fixed must suck.)

That's what I will be drinking (along with "No Fruit was Harmed Double IPA" from Powerhouse) this morning. What will you be having?