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No. 25 WSU vs. No. 21 Stanford: Baxter’s beer of the game (featuring Schooner)

Sometimes even the best need to call for a substitute. WSU quarterback Luke Falk saw that happen last week against Arizona, and Baxter is bringing in the backup for the Cougs vs. Stanford.

Unlike Falk, Baxter isn’t getting benched for poor performance. The internet’s most adorable beer reviewer is at the vet’s office this morning and we have good news: His neck injury is healed up, and he’s ready to get back in the action at 100 percent. This morning, however, he’s letting his buddy Schooner take the reins.

Don’t be mistaken, Baxter is still in charge here and he chose the beer for today. Schooner is merely a placeholder, a game manager if you will, and he definitely won’t throw four pick. To celebrate his recovery from injury, Baxter wanted to go with one of his favorite breweries: Holy Mountain.

The beer for WSU vs. Stanford is Holy Mountain The Goat, a mixed culture saison. What does mixed culture mean? It means that Holy Mountain has blended a number of yeast strains to make its own house concoction that gives off a variety of flavors. In The Goat you’ll find some subtle tartness, some barnyard funk and a little bit of that classic peppery saison flavor at the end. It’s refreshing and complex.

Saisons are a specialty for Holy Mountain, and you’ll typically find a handful on draft at the brewery in the Interbay area of Seattle. You’ll also find a number of other treats, from pale ales to barrel aged beers to sours and even some styles you’ve probably never seen before. Everything Holy Mountain does, it does well, and that’s why when it does special releases you see lines starting sometimes as early as 7 am.

I highly recommend checking out the brewery and trying out Holy Mountain’s delicious rotating lineup of beers. That’s what Baxter (and Schooner) and I will be having as the Cougs take on the Cardinal. Let us know what you’re drinking.