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Baxter’s belated beer of the game for WSU vs. Colorado

Better late than never, they say.

Baxter’s beer is late this week. We had the video finished earlier than ever, because I had some travel, but technical difficulties prevented it from being published.

However, the beer is now here. Rather than a beer for the game, let’s say this Bourbon Barrel Aged Midnight Lightning from Tioga Sequoia in Fresno, Calif. is to celebrate the Cougs moving to 9-1 with a 31-7 beatdown of Colorado.

I’m on a work trip/vacation in Australia, but these videos will keep coming for the rest of the season. I’ve already got beers ready to go for Arizona and the Apple Cup.

Not much of a write-up this week. My mom joins me as a special guest. She nails it, I think. The beer is in honor of her, as I discovered this brewery while visiting her in California’s Central Valley.

Watch the video. It’s fun, it’s educational (not really), and it’s my Mom and I drinking a 12+ percent ABV beer at some point pretty early in the day.

So that’s what Baxter and I had while the Cougs took down the Buffs. What did you drink to celebrate such a joyous event?