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No. 8 WSU vs. Arizona: Baxter’s beer of the game

Bax is celebrating one of his roommates this week.

Hello from Down Under! I’m currently in Australia, but Baxter is back holding down the house while we are away. He was sure to send beer along with me so that this beer series of ours could keep of chuggin’ through this magical WSU football season.

This week is very special, and not because I got to pet a kangaroo. No, Arizona and Washington State will be playing on my daughter Beatrix’s first birthday. Seeing as we are 18 hours ahead of our home time zone, we already celebrated the event with some swimming, cake, and drinks (non-alcoholic for Bea, alcoholic for her mom and dad).

Check out Bea and I from the beach. You’ll notice the Pacific Ocean is on the wrong side.

In honor of Bea’s first anniversary of living outside her mom’s belly, Baxter and I decided to go with a brewery’s first anniversary beer: Matchless “Off the Cuff”—a blend of a barrel-aged barleywine and an oak aged pale mild. Those are some extreme styles to blend.

We are keeping this week’s short. Baxter has company over and I have to worry about whether or not everything can in fact kill me down here. Let us know what you will be having as Wazzu looks to nab its 10th win of the season. Go Cougs!