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Alamo Bowl 2018: Baxter’s beer of the game

Let’s drink some Texas beer for the Alamo Bowl.

Baxter and I had to quickly put a video together this morning before I departed to Texas for the Alamo Bowl. Bax wanted to highlight some of the best in Texas for this special event.

Going to be short this week: The beer of the game is SPON from Jester King Brewing, a brewery in the Hill Country near Austin, Texas. SPON is made with a lambic-style brewing process, using spontaneous fermentation in which the wort is cooled in an open room to be inoculated with the natural yeast in the air. That’s instead of cooling rapidly in a closed place, with pitched yeast.

I also wanted to highlight Weathered Souls Brewing in San Antonio. It is near the airport, and worth the drive over if you have a car or want to take a car service. They make some of the best beer in San Antonio. I’ll be there around noon on Friday. Say hi to me if you are around (Baxter will be back home, sorry).

So Bax and I will be enjoying some of the finest in Texas to celebrate the Alamo Bowl, what will you be having as the Cougs take on the Cyclones?


I have two food places that I highly recommend in San Antonio. If you are looking for elite barbecue, hit up 2M Smokehouse. If you want “San Antonio Hot Chicken” go to Cullum’s Attagirl. Eat well and drink well and Go Cougs!