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WSU vs. Wyoming 2018: Baxter’s Beer of the Game

Everyone’s favorite beer-reviewing dog returns with a beer that represents his hood.

Narrows Brewing Baxter beer WSU Wyoming
Baxter is ready for football and beerin’.

Baxter is back for another season and he still hasn’t run out of beers to share with y’all. In case you were wondering, Baxter spent the non-football portion of the year running in the grass, licking stuff, and not getting a haircut (he’s shaggy). He also, per usual, did extensive beer research.

To kick off the 2018 Washington State Cougars football campaign against the Wyoming Cowboys, Baxter went with Narrows Brewing 6th Avenue/Central District IPA—a hazy, hop-forward beer with a solid balance of bitter on the backend, but still the softness and big aromatics that are typical to the New England IPA style.

Narrows is located in Baxter’s hometown of Tacoma, and 6th Avenue/Central District IPA is part of a neighborhood series that the brewery has been cranking out. He chose this one in particular because it represents the street on which he lives and poops and barks at the mailman.

Located in a beautiful spot adjacent to the Narrows in Tacoma (hmm...where did that name come from?), Narrows Brewing has really kicked it into gear recently. Led by head brewer Matt Rhodes, the brewery has become more inventive and interesting with its beers—Waffles Breakfast Stout, a collaboration with a local waffles restaurant, was a highlight from the spring. The quality overall has taken a big step up and I find myself seeking out Narrows brews consistently at this point.

If you haven’t been to the brewery on the edge of Tacoma and University Place, I highly recommend it. In the past, I’d send people there for the views, but now I point them to the taps (the views are still good too, when not clouded with smoke—please go away and never come back, smoke).

So that’s what Bax and I are drinking. What are you having as the Cougs take on Wyoming?