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WSU vs. Eastern Washington football: Baxter’s beer of the game

Baxter has a special guest this week.

Last November, Baxter starting receiving a little less attention than he was used to, and this has been the same for the past 10 months. He’s had to adjust to this new normal as a tiny human entered his house, one that he loves and protects even though she occasionally yanks on his tail or pulls his ears.

Today, that tiny human—her name is Beatrix—will be attending her first Washington State University football game. Baxter figured he’d have to pick out a special beer to mark this important event. He chose Focus from Structures Brewing.

Like the shirt I’m wearing? You’ll only have three more days to order yours here.

Focus is a delicious saison, which happens to be Beatrix’s mom’s favorite style. So the beer fits that way. Additionally, as you may notice, there is a bee on the label for Focus. Beatrix goes by Bea, typically, and that has led us to purchasing all manner of bee-themed items.

In fact, my tailgate lineup this week is specifically dedicated to Beatrix, with a couple beers from Plan Bee Farm Brewery and a couple SPONs from Jester King (get it, SPON sounds like spawn).

Highlighting Structures Brewing is long overdue for Baxter. Located in Bellingham, Structures has gained notoriety for its hazy IPAs and pale ales. However, the brewery executes well on a number of styles, especially saisons and sours.

Bellingham has a great beer scene overall, and Structures is right downtown close to at least three other solid breweries—Chuckanut, Aslan, and Wander. I highly recommend taking a beer-cation up to Bellingham, with Structures as a centerpiece.

So, that’s what Baxter and I will be drinking for WSU vs. EWU. Let us know what you’ll be having.