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WSU vs. Utah football: Baxter’s beer of the game

Six years for Baxter’s Beer, and a perfect beverage to celebrate.

Let’s Talk About Six, baby.

Let’s talk about something hazy.

Let’s talk about Pint Defiance

And Bellingham’s Aslan Brewing Company.

Okay, so Baxter’s beer of the game has probably never started with a song before, but this week is special as Baxter found a beer that celebrates just how long he has been doing this blog—a curly white hair over six years to be exact.

That just so happens to be how long one of my favorite beer haunts—Pint Defiance—has been around. Recently, Pint Defiance teamed up with Aslan Brewing to brew a beer for its sixth anniversary called “Let’s Talk About Six.” Baxter saw this as serendipity and could not resist featuring this tasty beverage. It also helps that TDs are worth six points and we are hoping to see plenty of those for WSU against the Utes.

Let’s Talk About Six is a hazy IPA checking in at 6.66 percent, just in case the sixth anniversary wasn’t emphasized enough. Aslan’s flagship brew, Batch 15, is also a hazy IPA, and you should have a much easier time finding that one around.

Aslan is located in Bellingham and has a nice taproom that serves food and a wide range of their own beers. Aslan typically releases a new beer there every week, so you’ll likely find something fresh and new if you stop by.

The unique thing about Aslan is that it makes beers that are Certified Organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. That means they use only organic ingredients—organic hops, organic malt, and organic water (okay maybe not organic water, because I don’t thing that is a thing).

As for Pint Defiance—it’s a place that I spend more time and money at than I care to admit. It an OG of the beer community in Tacoma, really the first beer-focused shop to pop up and still leading the way.

Pint Defiance serves a great rotating taplist and offers one of the best to-go selections in the state. In fact, I’ve purchased many of the beers featured in Baxter’s Beer of the Game from Pint Defiance. It’s one of my go-to spots, for sure.

Baxter and I will be Talking About Six for WSU vs. Utah. What will you be having?