NCAA working group WILL recommend cutting FBS football scholarships from 85 to 80, beginning in 2014


Anyone know anything about the working group recommendation process? Change is coming and this part will benefit the Cougs.

Cougar Athletic Fund is now on FB


Click link. Click Like. That is all.

Double digit visitors this weekend


Eleven is what Scout has counted, but I bet you there are more people coming which scout might of missed. The article has a smidgit without subscription.

Barry Sanders, Jr. commits to a Pac 12 school.


Stanford. His top two were Stanford and his father's alma mater, Oklahoma State. He grew up in Oklahoma, and I thought he would choose the Cowboys. He chose the Cardinal this past weekend, but I somehow just noticed. Not good for Pac 12 teams. He's going to be pretty damn good. Not as good as his father, but still pretty damn good.

Mike Levenseller hired by Idaho


Glad to see Levy able to stay on the Palouse.

Sporcle Quiz Wednesday


Note: Mark & I are taking suggestions for future quizzes. We've been working on a couple that one member suggested. It's a bit tougher than we first thought, but it's comin'. If you have any ideas, e-mail me, I'll pass it along to Mark, and we'll figure it out from there. Good luck!

A good look at Jeff Choate


A good look at Jeff Choate

Possibility of going from 85 to 80 scholarships


This week is the American Football Coaches Association Convention. Going from 85 to 80 scholarships would be a great thing for Cougar football and any other school who is in the bottom half of recruiting each year. I don't know the likeliness that this would happen, but it's interesting that coaches are discussing it.

Are the Virginia Cavaliers the ACC's third-best team? - NCB - ESPN


I'm going FanShot crazy today! If you have an Insider account, this is a nice read on what Bennett is doing at Virginia, featuring some healthy skepticism.