CFP Rankings: WSU moves up to No. 19


Just as they did in the AP poll, the Cougars climbed six spots from No. 25. Washington is ranked No. 9 and USC is ranked No. 11.

WSU makes an appearance on Scott Van Pelt's SportsCenter


Looks like SVP's wingman, Steve Coughlin -- better known as Stanford Steve -- lost a bet!

El Paso Times mixes up Cougars and Huskies


Good job, good effort. Thanks for hosting us in lovely Lubbock, Texas for the Son Bowl.

A hopeful image of the GameDay set in Philadelphia


I for one, hope the disappointment of missing out on Gameday gets channeled in a positive way. Let's flood Independence Mall with WSU crimson. Are the peeps over at the Ol' Crimson Booster Club up for it? Here's a picture what I hope it might look like. Go Cougs.

WSU gets screwed by Pac-12 refs again vs. Oregon


With WSU ahead 21-17 in the third quarter, Oregon appeared to score the go-ahead TD. But wait! A flag for offensive pass interference! Then Pac-12 refs had to Pac-12 ref: "There is no penalty for offensive pass interference because the receiver caught the ball behind the line of scrimmage." No, he did not. Sigh.



Looks like the Huskies had a little trouble on the way to Idaho, as this is their equipment truck by the side of the road on I-82 outside of Yakima this afternoon. Their equipment doesn't even want to go to Boise.

Share your memories of Elson Floyd with WSU


WSU has transformed its website for the office of the president into a memorial for Floyd, who passed away from cancer this morning. It includes the photo above, and some other great pictures. There's also a spot at the bottom where you can share condolences or your favorite memories of Floyd, if you're so inclined.

Marbut speaks out on hire of Lees


It's not everyday you see the coach who got fired offer a public opinion on the guy who replaces him, but that's exactly what got out of former WSU baseball coach Donnie Marbut. There's more if you click here. Pretty interesting stuff. (And you can find all of our coverage on Lees and Marbut here.)

Yep, just like God intended


Our "you should probably stay in school" guy is better than their "All-American"! (At least according to Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay.) h/t Bob Condotta

SB Nation breaks down Xavier Cooper


SB Nation's Danny Kelly scored and interview with Cooper and combined those nuggets with a bunch of video clips to create this comprehensive breakdown of Cooper's strengths, leading to what kinds of schemes might make the best use of his skills. The name "Michael Bennett" comes up a lot!