Pac-12 Bowl Scenarios: WSU officially out of Rose Bowl contention


Yes, Wazzu can end up in a three-way tie with Oregon and Stanford at 7-2 in the Pac-12 North. And yes, they all beat each other. But the next tiebreaker down the line for multi-team ties is record in intradivisional games. In this case of a three-way tie, both Stanford and Wazzu would be 3-2 against the Pac-12 North, while Oregon would be 4-1, with its other loss coming to Pac-12 South Utah. Thus, Oregon would get the tiebreaker. It's been a great year, Washington State supporter, but a bowl game will have to do.

We've been telling people this in the comments for a few days, but just so everyone's clear: This is from the Pac-12 itself.

Tyler Hilinski is going to be great at WSU


"Tyler Hilinski is going to be great at WSU"

The talkative elderly man who noticed my WSU pullover at the diner. He made me promise to tell "everyone on your WSU newsletter." So... That's what I'm doing... Basically. I always keep my promises with talkative elderly diner patrons.

WSU recruiting expenditures still lag


While the Cougars have spent significantly more on recruiting in recent years, Washington State still ranks No. 11 in the Pac-12 when it comes to recruiting expenditures. The Cougars spent $363, 683, more than only California ($313,329) and far behind conference frontrunners Washington ($709,212), Oregon ($674,755) and Arizona State ($660, 299). But WSU does have one of the fastest-growing recruiting budgets.

The data comes via USA Today and is passed along by Jacob Thorpe of the Spokesman-Review. It brings to mind a story I wrote a year and a half ago wondering if a relatively modest investment in recruiting could pay big dividends. While WSU still lags, Thorpe notes that WSU's recruiting budget has grown faster than all but four schools in the conference, so maybe there's something to that.

Behind the scenes of recruiting with Robin Pflugrad


NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU ARE, NO MATTER how thorough you’ve been, heartbreak is going to be part of the life on the recruiting trail. Nothing is more disturbing in the entire process than losing a verbal commit in the final hours before LOIs are signed. Unfortunately, no coach will ever escape this empty feeling. Some kids call you to break the news. It’s awful but you appreciate the fact they were man enough to tell you directly. With others, the fax never arrives and then you hear their name being called for another school. Every time it happens your mind flashes to all the time, effort and commitment you put into them and their families. Just doesn’t seem right.

Really cool story from Definitely worth your read.

Another way to measure WSU's recruiting improvement


Unofficially, I found that the 2008-11 classes had a combined total of 39 Power Five offers, not including Washington State offers. For comparison, the Cougars' 2015 class, with 25 verbal commits not counting Kyrin Priester and Deion Singleton, has a total of 69 Power Five offers.

That's from Britton Ransford at ($). Yep, you read that correctly. Just ... wow. There's a much deeper breakdown if you click on the link and have a Rivals subscription.

Could Xavier Cooper go undrafted?


When Cooper (6-3 1/2, 295 pounds) made the decision to declare for the draft, Washington State coach Mike Leach reached out to me and asked me to look at Cooper's tape and tell Cooper what I thought. He had 13 sacks in his career, which is good for a defensive tackle, but he'll probably be somewhere between a sixth-round pick and a free agent. I just don't think it's in a guy's best interest to come out early and be a sixth-round pick. Why not stay in school and probably improve yourself three or four rounds?

Harsh words from's Gil Brandt, a former VP of player personnel with the Dallas Cowboys. Tough to know if Cooper made his decision on someone's advice or because of circumstances, but he might find himself having to go the free agent route.

Vince Mayle: 'Good to get this NFL feeling'


"It’s good to get this NFL feeling. It’s just good to get the college feel out of your body. Now, when I arrive in training camp, I won’t have the shock factor I had when I first got here [at the Senior Bowl] and got thrown into install right away."

A fairly long story via

Cross Manny Diaz off your list


Bulldogs coach Dan Mullen confirmed on Monday that Manny Diaz has been hired to replace Geoff Collins, who left the program in December to become defensive coordinator at Florida. Terms of Diaz's contract were not immediately disclosed.

Mississippi State hires Manny Diaz as defensive coordinator - ESPN

WSU sees attendance increase in 2014


Pac 12: Crowds dropped 2 percent to 52,758 and they are down 10 percent since peaking in 2007. Pac-12 attendance leader UCLA ranked 19th nationally. Only four of 12 conference schools had an increase: UCLA, Arizona, Utah and Washington State. A couple of schools' decreases were very minor.

College football attendance: Home crowds drop to lowest in 14 years - Coming off a bowl game, the Cougars bucked the trend.

Klay Thompson loves his dog


The Warriors were crossing t’s and dotting i’s on Klay Thompson’s $70 million contract extension last month when the 24-year-old hit general manager Bob Myers with a peculiar question. "We were trying to get the contract signed, and all he wanted to do was go home to his dog," Myers said.

Funny and/or cool story about Klay, depending on your perspective on dogs.