Jerome Harrison


still battling for a starting job after his huge end of last season

Conquest Chronicles: Checkin' on the Pac: Washington State


Nuss answers some questions about the 2010 WSU football team for Joey Kaufman at Conquest Chronicles. Football season is inching closer by the day.

Did ESPN forget WSU is in the Pac-10?


Went to ESPN tonight and saw a story about the Pac-10 was on the home page (amazing) and a picture with all the coaches in the Pac-10 on the home page also.......oh wait....scratch that, they have 9 of the 10 coaches pictured......guess who's missing? Mr. Wulff is in a few pictures in the article, but thought it was funny he was cut out of the group photo.

College Football Zealots: Washington State Preview


I answered some questions for these guys. GO READ IT FOR KNOWLEDGE.

Kyle Weaver waived by OKC Thunder


Marc J. Spears, of exclamation point propagators Yahoo! Sports, is reporting that Oklahoma City intend to waive Kyle to avoid guaranteeing his 2010 contract. Maccabi Tel Aviv may be swooping in to offer Weaver a chance to play internationally. The good news, of course, is that we can all go back to pure, unconditional hatred of the basketball franchise that was stolen from the city of Seattle. The bad news is that it may be the end, for now, of Kyle Weaver in the NBA. (hat tip also to johnnycougar, who found this out waaay before I did)

GRIPPI: Players have Wulff’s back


We might as well get this one out of the way now. Grippi took on the task of examining Wulff on the hot seat by talking to the players and Bill Moos. Not surprisingly, those Grippi talked to were in full support of Wulff and optimistic about the Cougs' chances. From the sounds of it, Wulff will be allowed to do his work and continue what he started to do: rebuild the program from the ground up. He also includes a look around the Pac-10, link style. I hope Grippi auto-posted this because a 5:00 AM story on a Sunday takes some serious dedication. Another reminder of why he's the best.

Oregon Live: Mutt becomes champion with Pac-10 logo design


No, not the derogatory term for UW. Mutt Industries was founded by 3 former members of Wieden+Kennedy. They were also charged with creating the new Pac-10 logo -- winning the bid over 11 other ad firms. Rachel Bachman has their story and the story behind the new logo. Fun note: Weiden+Kennedy -- the firm these guys left -- was responsible for this. Yes, I'm just looking for any excuse to post that video.

PAC-10 Media Day Live Stream > 2010 PAC-10 Media Days - Day 3 Washington State


Since the video stream was on the fritz yesterday morning, if you'd like to see Paul Wulff and Kevin Kooyman in their nine-minute-and-30-second entirety, here you go.

OKC releases Kyle Weaver


Some of you have probably seen this already, but I wanted to put it out there for the rest of us. Weaver is done in OKC, he just couldn't quite crack the roster. Early (unconfirmed) reports indicate he has an offer on the table from at least one European team, but I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to stay in the NBA.

GRIPPI: Looking back at Pac-10 media day


Grippi has all your Pac-10 media day needs covered over at the Spokesman Review Blog. He has a notebook with all things Pac-10 media day and a story about Kevin Kooyman. This is must read stuff if you want to catch up on the happenings of the day.