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Interactive Graphics

Interactive Graphic: Ol’ Crimson’s 200 visits to ESPN’s College GameDay

It’s been a journey. Come explore every host of Ol’Crimson as it’s traveled far and wide courting ESPN’s College GameDay.

The Luke Falk Stat Machine: USC Edition

Falk is on fire and USC’s secondary loves them some takeaways. See what’s potentially in store for Friday with The Luke Falk Stat Machine

Interactive Graphic: OSU game is a chance for WSU’s offense to get back in the groove

Falk has historically feasted on Oregon State and they look ripe for a performance that gets the Cougar offense back on track

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2017 Preview: Which weeks have been kindest to the Cougs?

Mike Leach preaches consistency. Let’s take a look at which weeks of the season we can expect WSU to roll or struggle as we head into 2017.

Interactive Graphic: People better start recognizing WSU’s running backs

WSU’s running backs were 2nd in the nation in touchdowns from the position and return more yardage production than any other Pac-12 team.

Interactive Graphic: How Mike Leach embodies the #NeverKick philosophy

Come explore how WSU went from the most punt-happy team in the nation to one of it’s most aggressive on 4th down.

Interactive chart: WSU run game powered big 2016 improvement in scoring

The difference is remarkable when you visualize it in this way.

The Luke Falk Stat Machine: Colorado Edition

Come play around with our handy dandy calculator to see what WSU’s awesome QB might do.

Interactive Graphic: Previewing WSU vs Colorado

The matchups are so juicy, it was tough to decide where to start.

Interactive Graphic: Previewing WSU vs ASU

Big plays could be in order for the Cougars on offense.

The Luke Falk Stat Machine: UCLA Edition

What might WSU’s quarterback do to the Bruins?

The Luke Falk Stat Machine: EWU Edition

Feel free to dream big when playing with this fun little interactive.

Interactive Graphic: Reasons to be excited about the WSU defense

Reason No. 1? The defense is now *helping* the offense.

Interactive Preview: Can the WSU defense step up?

The WSU defense hasn't given up a passing TD in 4 games; can the Cougars continue that trend vs UW?

Interactive look at NCAA revenue numbers

How did WSU compare to their Pac-12 and Power 5 brethren in this year's finance numbers?

Interactive Graphic: NCAA FBS assistant coach pay

Where does WSU rank in the Pac-12, and how does the Pac-12 compare to the rest of the Power 5 conferences?

Interactive graphic: Good, Bad and Hopeful

Let's look at where the WSU's offense and defensive performances vs Rutgers land during the Mike Leach era.

Interactive: WSU's all-time receiving stats

Take a look at WSU's all-time receiving stats to see who was most productive with each catch and most likely to score per catch. This may be the most difficult position group to whittle down to a clear #1 choice for "best ever."

WSU RB history, in interactive graphic form

Take a look at WSU's all-time stats for running backs to see who was most productive with each touch, most likely to score per touch, and then take a crack at that age-old question: Who was the best to do it in Crimson?

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WSU QB history, in interactive graphic form

This is cool. Trust us.

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Projecting Connor Halliday in 2014

How much did Connor improve over the last 5 games? What could can we possibly expect in 2014 if those improvements were seen over a full season?

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Looking at the data - Halliday, Offense, Defense 2012 vs 2013