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Mike Leach takes a walk with Pac-12 Networks

WSU's coach shows Ashley Adamson some of the lesser-known parts of our favorite college town.

Mike Leach walks to work everyday, which I think is actually pretty cool. Pac-12 Networks must have thought it was pretty cool, too, because they sent reporter Ashley Adamson out to take the 3.5-mile stroll with the coach while they were in town this week.

It's a fun little tour over three-plus minutes that starts with a walk through a garbanzo bean field, features a stop by an old Pullman cemetery -- which includes Leach (shockingly!) admitting that sometimes when he's tellings stories, he just makes stuff up -- and finishes with a look at Martin Stadium, in which Leach notes that the previous press box "used to be a treehouse. It wasn't a press box. The Swiss Family Robinson would have never lived there." Having covered many games in that mobile home on stilts, he ain't wrong.

Some llamas make an appearance, and there's also a stop by Café Moro, which he likens to a trip to see "Merlin the magician" for a "tea concoction" that "will make you glow in the dark."

I think my favorite part, though, is when Adamson asked Leach if he ever gets lost on his walk.

"A little bit," coach said. "But not completely."

Seems like the perfect metaphor for Mike Leach.

(Oh, and Leach reaffirmed his affinity for Team Bear.)