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Mike Leach once signed a ‘gigantic’ bra

“Anything for the fans.”

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Leach gets a lot of funny questions in the hope that they’ll lead to an interesting, Leach-esque rambling response.

This time, new Spokesman-Review beat reporter Theo Lawson was the one to try his luck ... and he hit the jackpot.

“The strangest thing I ever autographed?” Leach said, repeating the question. “OK there’s this lady, older lady, and there was an autograph signing. There was a whole group and you could tell they’re all family. The kids were in their thirties or so. Grown kids. They’re laughing as they get up, kinda like they got a secret or inside joke. So I’m thinking, ‘Well what’s this?’ And there’s this bra, and I mean, this bra is huge. The kid puts the bra on the table and goes, ‘Can you sign my mom’s bra?’ and behind, there was this older lady laughing and being a good sport with her kids, and it was clearly her bra, OK? And I mean this bra was gigantic. So, anything for the fans, and of course I signed a bra. So mom and the kids had something to talk about I guess.”

Anything for the fans, you guys.