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Mike Leach News

Pac-12 Networks get the Pullman tour from Leach

WSU's coach shows Ashley Adamson some of the lesser-known parts of our favorite college town.

Ranking the Pac-12's football coaches

Mike Leach took a precipitous drop in this year's rankings. Was it deserved?

Kristoff Williams no longer on WSU roster

After a breakout season last year Kristoff Williams has had a quiet 2014. Now Mike Leach and Washington State announce that he is no longer on the team's roster.

Cougars add receiver Barry Ware to roster

WSU brings in some much needed depth to the wide receiver position as a highly touted recruit is added to the roster.

Leach riffs on marijuana, John Wooden in AMA

The WSU football coach didn't exactly break a lot of new ground, but as usual, he was quirky.

HCA: Mike Leach goes through ESPN "car wash"

Mike Leach traveled from Media Days in Los Angeles to ESPN, appearing on television and the ESPNU College Football Podcast. He's a big fan of his quarterback.

Pac-12 Media Day: WSU bingo!

Today, WSU takes the podium at Paramount Studios in LA. Press Conferences with Leach are rarely boring, but just to make it a little more fun, we put together a little game of bingo to help you follow along.

HCA: The Mount Rushmore of WSU Athletics

If you could only select four Cougars to carve into Steptoe Butte, which four would you choose?

Mike Leach on cargo shorts, nude models, and more

When it comes to discussing football, particulary his own team, Mike Leach is pretty vanilla. When it comes to discussing anything else, his views almost always entertain. This podcast was no exception.

As usual, Mike Leach's AMA doesn't disappoint

The questions were random, and coach dispensed with some more gold.

Mike Leach set to tackle another reddit AMA

Was there ever a more perfect forum for a man will answer almost literally any question?

HCA: WSU Track and Field success, Baseball defeat

Some of the individual news at Mooberry Track was good yesterday. The news for the baseball team was not. As WSU athletics draw to a close, grilling season is nearly underway.

The Pac-12, the SEC, and scheduling doctrine

The Pac-12 has a reputation for playing challenging non-conference schedules, in addition to the demanding nine-game league slate. The SEC is happy to stay where it is. Which would you rather have?

HCA: WSU Baseball rallies, Selection Sunday awaits

Today we revisit happier times in the annals of WSU Basketball.

Leach blasts new defensive substitution proposal

A rules committee is forwarding a proposal that would make it illegal to snap the ball in the first 10 seconds of the play clock in order to allow defensive substitutions in the name of "player safety." You can guess how WSU's coach reacted to that.

HCA: Mike Leach talks Breaking Bad and more

Want to hear Mike Leach talk about Breaking Bad and make a vague CougCenter reference? Of course you do.

Mike Leach didn't actually call Dan Beebe, but ...

... he actually had called the conference's director of officiating in the middle of that loss to Texas in 2007, which we think still makes the story pretty awesome.

Harrell: Leach once called Big 12 commish mid-game

Mike Leach came to WSU with a reputation for doing and saying wacky things, but this latest story might be the topper when it comes to Mike Leach stories.

HCA: Mike Leach's Halloween movie recommendations

It's a little bit of a slow week around Cougar athletics. It's bye week and the football team is off until Thursday. When news is slow, the media asks Mike Leach some weird questions.

HCA: Mike Leach on the government shutdown

Mike Leach, never one to hide his true feelings, took to the radio airwaves to give his deep political analysis on the government shutdown. It doesn't disappoint.

HCA: Leach, players discuss Southern Utah, Idaho

Press conference Monday came and went and we have all the interviews.

Leach impugns SEC, bifocal-wearing refs, on ESPN

The WSU coach was quotable on First Take, as usual. And SEC fan is none too pleased!

HCA: An interview with Mike Leach

Mike Leach talks Geronimo, New Zealand, Auburn and more.

HCA: Mike Leach's movie recommendations.

Mike Leach is releasing a list of 50 movies that "command attention" and it started Monday.

Mike Leach to co-write Geronimo book

Mike Leach is branching out and writing a book again, this time about Geronimo.

Mike Leach Hands Out Gardening Tips In This Video From The Pac-12 Network

Mike Leach sat down with the Pac-12 Network to take a closer look at his arrival at Washington State. Leach also provides some tips on gardening when he discusses the importance of lady bugs.

Mike Leach Talks Hunting, Generals And A Little Bit Of Football

Just another standard Mike Leach interview at Pac-12 Media Day. A little bit of football, a little bit of Civil War and some hunting thrown in on the side.

How Would Mike Leach Do As A Guide On The Oregon Trail? We Find Out

Mike Leach can do a lot of things, but can he lead a group across the Oregon Trail?

Mike Leach's Celebrity Status, And A Coaching Tree Full Of Adventure

A look at the celebrity status of Mike Leach, its potential pitfalls and the benefits that outweigh them.

Mike Leach Talks Bear Hunting, Dancing, Marriage Advice

Audio of Mike Leach's latest interview. He gave marriage advice. I think he's @DadBoner.

PHOTO: Mike Leach Shot A Big Bear

And now there's a photo of the bear Mike Leach took down. Quite the week!

CougCenter Exclusive: Video Of Mike Leach Bear Hunting

Mike Leach went bear hunting in Canada earlier this week and CougCenter has the exclusive video of the trip.