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Cougars making the rounds in Albuquerque

The Cougars have been busy since arriving in Albuquerque. Here's a glimpse inside some of the happenings, including Furney Cam.


Washington State landed in Albuquerque on Tuesday and thanks to various forms of social media and some other platforms, WSU fans not in New Mexico have received a glimpse into what's happening.

It all started on Tuesday afternoon when the team headed out of Pullman. The team then arrived to a warm welcome in Albuquerque.

Or, if you prefer moving pictures, here is the video from day one.

If you pay attention, Connor Halliday is holding a different drink in both of his cameos in that video. Obviously the most hydrated player on the team.

On Wednesday the Cougars hit the practice field in the morning before going to a welcome dinner, having some fun and picking up some bowl gifts.

And video from day two, including Andrew Furney running the camera.

There are a lot of benefits in making a bowl game, but without question the greatest perk has been the invention of Furney Cam. How did it take this long for this to exist? I feel like we were all robbed of four years of glorious Furney Cam. With two more days of prep, we can only hope for more.