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About the Authors: Brian Floyd

Hello world, my name is Brian.

My interest in sports started at a young age while growing up in the Seattle area. From watching Edgar Martinez hit "the double" and the Mariners refusing to lose in 1995 to watching Ryan Leaf lead the Cougs to the Rose Bowl, I've always been a fan of all things sports. Seattle sports are my passion, WSU athletics are my obsession. It's an obsession that stemmed from being raised in a family of Cougs (everyone on my dad's side went to WSU) and only grew while I attended WSU.

I graduated from WSU in May 2009 with a B.S. in Computer Science and moved back to reality (Seattle). To go along with my love of sports, I have a passion for computers and technology. Writing online seemed like a perfect way to mesh those two things. Currently, I'm hunting for computer work after doing some side jobs following graduation, so writing about Cougar athletics is something that keeps me busy and puts my brain to work.

Most of my favorite memories at WSU involve sports in some way. From watching WSU beat Oregon at Martin Stadium to seeing the resurrection of the basketball team, there was always something exciting going on. Sadly, the one thing I missed was going to a bowl game. I enrolled the year following the Holiday Bowl victory, missing out on all the fun. The moment I understood what being a WSU fan meant came to me on the day I was accepted to WSU. I checked my admissions status, found I was accepted, and then watched Matt Lottich drain a 3 while falling out of bounds to beat WSU and preserve Stanford's undefeated season. I should've known being a fan of the Cougs would be a love-hate relationship.

As far as my journalism experience, you're looking at it. I've written plenty of fanposts, comments, and other assorted tidbits and that's about it. I love basketball stats and find myself looking at Pomeroy rankings more than I should. I also tend to find the humor in situations and sometimes will write with a sarcastic or satirical tone. Being a Seattle sports fan has taught me to find the humor in otherwise painful situations.

So that's the quick summary of me. I hope you enjoy what I do and I look forward to writing for CougCenter.