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CougCenter's Tired Memes

There are certain topics at this site that have run their course. When we tell people to stop talking about them, it can come across as us suppressing disagreement and lead to some labeling us as interested only in "groupthink." That couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, we love arguments. Honest.

It's just that the topic in question has been beaten into the ground, with both sides entrenched in their line of thinking. Usually, one of the lines of thinking is backed by conventional wisdom or anecdotal analysis. Knowing what you know about our mission and Community Guidelines, you can see why that stuff gets on our nerves rather quickly.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of memes that we authors, frankly, are sick of. This list might seem odd to you, but trust us: They've all been discussed extensively at one time or another at this site, and we authors have decided that there's simply nothing more to be gained by discussing any of them further. You'll note that none of them can be quantified or even reasonably proven, which leads to circular reasoning no matter which side you're on. That's just not productive for anyone.

If you choose to broach one of these in a regular post, expect to be challenged vigorously. Because of the pace of a Game Thread, if you broach one of these there, expect to be succinctly warned once, then banned for a day or two if you continue to press the issue:

  • A team's preparation
  • A team or player's "mental toughness"
  • A team or player's "body language"
  • A team or player's level of "heart"
  • A team or player's level of effort
  • Blaming the coach when players play poorly
  • Ken Bone's halftime adjustments
  • Questioning others' fanhood
  • Declaring that a win/loss is definitive with regards to said team's postseason chances (unless it really is)
  • Any point you choose to repeat over and over and over that others are clearly tiring of

It is completely acceptable, however, to make fun of any of these memes. If that offends you, then you probably think these memes merit further discussion, and you're probably not going to enjoy our comments very much, anyway.