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Who are you guys?

Just a bunch of dudes who love Washington State University sports. Only one of us is a full-time writer - that's Brian. He's an SB Nation big-wig now. You can read about all of us here.

What is SB Nation?

An enormous network of sites designed in the hope that every major college and pro sports team can have their own site linked together under one roof. See the home page here. It's a great concept, really.

I demand more posts!

OK, that's not a question. We all have full-time jobs, but there are a lot of us writing now, so this usually isn't a huge issue. We also strive for quality and hope to keep things interactive by hearing your thoughts in the comments.

Why are you mad at me about a comment/FanPost/FanShot I left?

Because you probably violated our Community Guidelines. Everyone who participates is expected to know them and abide by them. If you don't, we'll give you a gentle reminder.

How can I contact you guys?

Comments, or We always appreciate feedback.

How can I write for the site or SB Nation?

The blog gives you the option to write "FanPosts" - essentially a blog within a blog where you (yes, you!) can break and discuss the news of the day, whether it's on topic or off. If you write something particularly enlightening, we have the option to promote it to the front page of the site where it can get the recognition it deserves. If you write a lot of FanPosts particularly well, we just might ask you to join us. Also, commenting a lot and being thoughtful about it while demonstrating some writing skill is a good way to get noticed - just ask everyone who writes here besides Jeff and Grady. That's how they ended up coming on board.