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Steve Gleason

Steve Gleason receives Congressional Gold Medal

Gleason received the honor for his work in finding a cure for ALS, with which he was diagnosed in 2011.

HCA: WSU alumnus Steve Gleason to receive Congressional Gold Medal

What an incredible honor for the former Cougar football player.

Theaters released for Gleason screenings

The award winning documentary will be at seven theaters in Washington and make one stop in Portland.

‘Gleason’ trailer is a bit of a tear jerker

The movie about the former WSU football star’s life will hit select theaters at the end of next month.

CougCenter Movie Review: Gleason

We attended the Seattle International Film Festival premier of Gleason last weekend. Our review of this spectacular piece of cinema.

HCA: Cougar legend subject of powerful new documentary

All the details from the premier of "Gleason" at the Sundance Film Festival.

HCA: Sports Illustrated previews Pac-12 Football

A great start and a not-so-great finish highlight SI's view of the Cougars.

HCA: Mayle and Halliday head to the pro ranks

Vince Mayle and Connor Halliday are now professional football players.

Steve Gleason heads to DC for State of the Union

Former Cougar football player, NFL star, New Orleans Saints legend and inspiration to everyone was invited to watch last night's State of the Union address in person to raise awareness for a new bill that helps those affected with ALS.

HCA: Grading the Mike Leach era

Mike Leach has coached 37 games at WSU. Is that enough time to give him a grade? is raising money for Team Gleason is a student run online radio station at Washington State University. The station is partnering with Team Gleason on a 5K run to raise money to help the battle against ALS.

HCA: Game Week is here

Welcome to game week, Cougar fans. We have positional previews, more thoughts on the Seattle game, and we'd love to hear about your rituals and/or superstitions when it comes to WSU Athletics.

Checking in on Cougs in NFL preseason

Actual (fake) football games are being played right now. As WSU warms up and rolls towards their season, we take a look at some of our favorite Cougs from the past and examine how their doing in the NFL's preseason.

Gleason works on better technology for disabled

Former Cougar football player and NFL great was struck with ALS in 2011. Now he dedicates his life to helping people with the disease including helping Microsoft and their "eye gaze" technology.

HCA: Place your bets on WSU Football's win total

The odds-makers have set the initial betting line on WSU's win total for 2014. Do you think they will win six or more games?

WSU collaborates with Team Gleason on software

A group of Cougs is working together with Steve Gleason's foundation to improve communication for ALS patients through predictive eye-tracking software for typing and text-to-speech.

Steve Gleason steals the show on Super Sunday

Did you cry? It's OK. I cried.

This stream has:

Steve Gleason fights on against ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has taken away many of Steve Gleason's physical abilities. But the Coug refuses to go away quietly, tirelessly working to raise awareness and funding for finding a cure.

No white flags: Gleason refuses to go quietly

Super Bowl XXIX has come to Steve Gleason's adopted home town of New Orleans, and the Coug hasn't missed his opportunity to shine a light on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Kathi Goertzen COTY Finalist: Steve Gleason

We highlight one of the most inspiring Cougs to ever walk the halls at Washington State.

Steve Gleason taken to hospital

Steve Gleason was taken to the hospital from the Superdome on Monday night.

'Rebirth' Statue Of Steve Gleason

Steve Gleason's statue outside the Superdome was unveiled on Friday. Here's photos of it.

Steve Gleason Speaks ... Through A Computer

"You will be hearing from me for decades to come." The cool tech. @team_gleason is using.

'Game On For Gleason' To Support Coug

An opportunity to help Steve Gleason.

Steve Gleason's Story Is Heartbreaking, Inspiring

A little more on Steve Gleason's story and his battle with ALS

Drew Brees Celebrates With Gleason

Here's the coolest video from tonight: Drew Brees and Steve Gleason sharing a hug

Gleason Gets The Game Ball

Steve Gleason left with the game ball on Saturday, and was as big a part of the win as anyone else.

Gleason To Be Honorary Captain Against ASU

Washington State news and links from around the web.

Some Thoughts On Steve Gleason And His Fight With ALS

It was hard to see Steve Gleason on Sunday, weakened by his battle with ALS. But it presents a unique opportunity to act on behalf of a great Coug.