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The Monday After

The Monday After: WSU survived Cal week, and that’s all that really matters

And upon closer inspection, it probably was a better performance than it seemed.

The Monday After: This season is so great, even Mike Leach is having fun

It’s not just the winning; it’s the winning with this particular group of players.

The Monday After: WSU’s coming out party

This very well could be the moment we point to when the Cougars arrived to crash big boy college football.


WSU’s offense is super scary for opponents. This is fun.

The Monday After: It’s time to embrace Air Raid identity once again

Lots of offense with just enough defense always has been a winning recipe for Mike Leach.

The Monday After: Even in a loss to USC, WSU passes the test

The Cougs proved that the first three games of the season were no fluke in a narrow loss to the desperate, talented Trojans.

The Monday After: Coffee is for closers

The manner of WSU’s victories is highly encouraging.

The Monday After: WSU’s resiliency on display in win over Wyoming

Perhaps I underestimated these guys.

The Monday After: In honor of WSU’s Apple Cup performance

I decided to write a column befitting the Cougs’ effort.

The Monday After: When winning becomes irritating

We probably shouldn’t complain when our teams are good. WSU’s win over Utah this weekend put that idea to the test.

The Monday After: Will these Cougs take hold of their shot at history?

A Senior Day win felt great. But the next two games will be the ones that write the story of this season.

The Monday After: Arizona might be good, you guys

The defense got run over, but that probably says more about the Wildcats than it does about the Cougs.

The Monday After: It’s official - WSU is a defensive team

After yet another dominating performance by the Speed D, it’s time to recognize.

The Monday After: Yes, that was terrible. And, yes, I still believe in these Cougs

Even after a sham of a performance against Cal, there are lots of reasons to think it was an aberration.

The Monday After: Undefeated WSU out-speeded the speedsters

Oregon might have built a brand on speed, but it’s the Cougars who have zoomed right past them.

The Monday After: WSU just kicked USC’s butt

Frankly, the Trojans were lucky they didn’t lose by double digits. And the defense gets a huge amount of credit for that.

The Monday After: Forget Nevada - it’s time for USC

The No. 5 Trojans are coming to town on Friday. Get jacked.

The Monday After: The audacity of the Air Raid

WSU punished OSU with the outside receivers in order to send a message.

The Monday After: WSU takes what is rightfully theirs

Sorry not sorry, Broncos.

The Monday After: Dominant? Not dominant enough? Who cares!

Whether the season-opening 31-0 win over Montana State was impressive enough for some, it sure is nice that WSU is now starting from this particular baseline.

The Monday After: WSU has much to be proud of in Colorado loss

No, it didn’t end as we would have liked. But this was a matchup of two teams that are absolutely worthy of the praise they’ve received.

The Monday After: Another WSU question erased with decisive win over Cal

We wondered how the Cougs would stand up to a prolific passer. Now we know: JUST FINE.

The Monday After: In praise of the unsung

Yeah, it’s Wednesday. Sorry. You can have a refund, if you like. Or, you can read about the guys who stepped into huge roles to make this season happen.

The Monday After: In search of the elusive (and largely mythical) ‘complete game’

No, WSU hasn’t been at the top of its game for all four quarters the last couple of weeks. And that’s not really all that damning, to be honest.

The Monday After: All wins are good wins

WSU’s victory against UCLA wasn’t pretty. But a win is a win is a win is a win.

The Monday After: Defense is leading the way in WSU’s resurgence

Not what you expected from a Mike Leach-coached team, but here we are!

The Monday After: In win over Oregon, WSU’s swagger finally returns

You know, 15-yard penalties aren’t always the worst thing. Make Football Fun Again!

The Monday After: What did we miss in predicting the 2016 WSU Cougars?

Let’s take a look back at not just the win against Idaho, but the trouble spots of the first three games.

The Monday After: Let’s just see how this plays out

Starting the season 0-2 is clearly suboptimal, but let’s be honest: All of this team’s goals are still in front of them for the taking.

The Monday After: It happened AGAIN??? edition

WSU lost to another FCS school — this time, the slightly more respectable Eastern Washington — and maybe it’s time to take a hard look at why these things keep happening.

Monday After: Don't stop believing!

We believed they could pull it off, even without Luke Falk. We were wrong. But the season isn't over.

Monday After: Hopeful-excited-guilty edition

In which I try to work out my feelings about the condition of WSU's quarterback in the wake of a really scary injury.


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