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Inside the Play: Blown coverage leads to Colorado's long touchdown pass

In our latest video, we break down just what happened on Colorado's 70-yard touchdown pass that seemed to inject new life into the Buffs, starting them on the comeback trail that would eventually lead to victory.

Like Brian Anderson mentioned in his post today, these things are way more fun when the team is winning and we get to break down happy plays. Alas, there's nothing happy about what happened on Saturday.

But because we're masochistic fools -- kind of comes with the territory as a WSU fan -- we've decided to look back at a few of the critical breakdowns that allowed Colorado to quickly get back in a game in which it seemed the Buffs had been left for dead.

This play is the 70-yard touchdown to tight end Nike Kasa, and while it was obvious watching the play live that there had to be some sort of coverage breakdown, watching it again in slow motion with some pretty telestration shows you just where that breakdown occurred.

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And, as usual, many thanks to video wiz Jeff Collier for his skill at putting all the pieces of the video together.