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Ol' Crimson Sightings

Collecting the many sightings of the WSU flag (and other Cougar-related things) from around the world.

Wave the flag, Sochi Edition

The Washington State flag isn't just for Gameday. Here it is at the WInter Olympics in Sochi.

Ol' Crimson arrives at UW Gameday set in style

Possibly the coolest flag entrance of all time?

Waving the flag at the Vatican?

Did a Cougar fan bring their flag to the pope election?

WATCH: ESPN’s tribute last year to Ol’ Crimson’s 200th appearance

With the show finally coming to Pullman, check out an awesome look at an awesome Cougar tradition.

Interactive Graphic: Ol’ Crimson’s 15-year journey to Pullman

Here’s how, after 216 consecutive appearances on ESPN’s College GameDay, WSU’s flag came home.

Interactive Graphic: Ol’ Crimson’s 200 visits to ESPN’s College GameDay

It’s been a journey. Come explore every host of Ol’Crimson as it’s traveled far and wide courting ESPN’s College GameDay.

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WSU flag returns to ESPN GameDay for 2017

We were wondering if Ol' Crimson would make its way to Bloomington for Indiana/Ohio State, given that it's not Saturday, and you're not having your morning coffee. Never should have doubted. Go Cougs!

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Coug flag makes an appearance at the World Series

The Chicago Cubs are hosting their first World Series game since the end of World War II and, as we all know, significant sporting moments call for just one thing: the Coug flag.

Let's wave the flag at a new "roadshow"

If College GameDay won't come to Pullman, it's time for WSU to branch out to other traveling television programs.

WSU makes its presence felt at Hoopfest

From an Ol' Crimson appearance on SportsCenter to football players signing posters, WSU was all over the place at Spokane's premier sports event.

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Wave The Flag at the World Series

Lots of blue in that picture. Looks good with crimson.

HCA: Cougs Welcome Cal on Homecoming

The midway point of the season is already here, and the Cougars are hoping to even out their record.

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Ol' Crimson, No. 150

Interactive Graphic: The History of Ol' Crimson

Ol' Crimson's 150th appearance is approaching this Saturday; navigate the visual to look through photos and watch the reach of the tradition's growth since 2003.

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Ol' Crimson makes its return!

Go Cougs!

The Ol' Crimson collection at CougCenter

Ol' Crimson has been making appearances at ESPN's GameDay for over a decade and become an iconic part of sports pop culture. Here's our collection of stuff that you can help build!

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President Floyd gets in on the fun

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Ol' Crimson and the 12th Man at the World Cup

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WSU at the British Open, y'all

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Flying the flag at Sounders/Timbers

I believe it's Coug night at the Sounders. They picked a good one!

WSU flag makes an appearance at Champions Classic

As Kansas and Duke squared off, one intrepid fan showed the flag doesn't just make College GameDay appearances on ESPN.

Ol' Crimson has no bye week, flies in Eugene

The Washington State flag flew for the 141st consecutive week in Eugene on Saturday morning. Check out images from Saturday and the past here.

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Celebrating 10 years!

Wazzu flag flies again

The Washington State flag flew in Seattle on Saturday morning. Gameday was in the Cougars' backyard, and watching the tradition grow has been amazing.

WSU at The Masters

Did you miss The Masters? Then you missed a cameo by the WSU logo.

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Director of Athletics Bill Moos Waves The Flag at the Great Wall of China! Hear about Bill’s...

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Game Day right this moment. There are two other flags that I've counted so far, too.

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Cougars on Sept. 17 ESPN GameDay! (via WSUCougarAthletics, h/t spencer peaty)

Cougars on Sept. 17 ESPN GameDay! (via WSUCougarAthletics, h/t spencer peaty)

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WSU Gameday Flag-Spotting, Centennial Edition - WSUFB Blog

100 in a row! But I think most of you already new that. The interesting part is, per the the link, the guy flying the flag was ducking out early to fly with the flag up to Pullman hopefully to make it by gametime. Talk about dedication...

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Inside The Nation’s Dorkiest Fanbase: How The Washington State Cougars Flag Gets On GameDay Each Week


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College Gameday was being broadcast from FAMU this morning and amongst the green and orange was a...


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