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Interactive Graphic: The History of Ol'Crimson on College GameDay

Ol' Crimson's 150th appearance is approaching this Saturday; navigate the visual to look through photos and watch the reach of the tradition growth since 2003.


I always look forward to waking up and spotting our flag each Saturday morning. At this point it's difficult to remember a time when the flag wasn't waving behind Chris Fowler and the gang's head's.

We were all hoping that next week could possibly be the first time that ESPN and the Game Day crew would touch down on the Palouse, but stuff happens.

I found that the Ol'Crimson site has photos of most of the flag's appearances, so I thought it would be fun to throw together a view to let you pick a season or appearance and see who played the big game and look through some pictures of our fellow Cougs doing our university proud.

Due to size restrictions, you will have to do some scrolling down through the web page view to see the photos, but trust me, they're there.

Here's to Game Day having a reason to visit Pullman soon!  Go Cougs!