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What are your favorite WSU sports?

Football is probably king, but how do you rank WSU sports?

WSU Athletic Communications

When it comes to college athletics, football is almost king everywhere. At least at the FBS level. There are certainly exceptions with some big basketball schools, but overall football is going to be the fan favorite at the majority of schools. That is the case at WSU where football gets most of the attention, even with the program struggling the way it has during the past decade.

There was a time when men's basketball at WSU was gaining traction on the football program, but recent struggles killed a lot of that momentum. Baseball, women's basketball, soccer, track & field, tennis, volleyball, rowing, cross country and swimming round out the WSU athletic department and each receives varying degrees of attention.

Which sport is your favorite is very much a personal preference, but I tend to think there will be a lot of similarities among the community. But, there is only one way to find out. Ranking them from top to bottom is a bit excessive. Instead, what are your five favorite WSU sports? Is football king? What's No. 3 on your list? There are a few questions and I'm curious to know the answers.

Like the title says, what are your favorite WSU sports?



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