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Adorable WSU baseball bat boy dances way better than you do

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Jake Lees steals the show at Husky Ballpark.

Pac-12 Network

You might have thought the best thing to come out of Seattle last weekend was WSU baseball's series victory over then-No. 14 Washington at Husky Ballpark.

You'd probably be correct. But this, at the very least, is a close second:

That adorable little dancer would be 10-year-old Jake Lees -- youngest son of WSU head baseball coach Marty Lees. Jake has become somewhat of a minor celebrity since his dance moves swept the Internet on Saturday, so Pac-12 Networks took us deeper into the Cougs' (little) man of the hour.

Not only do his dance moves put you to shame, he also wears cooler shoes than you. caught up with Jake for an interview, and he reports that he did not learn his dance moves from his father. Rather, "I kind of just dance." He also says he's the best dancer in the family.

"That's been Jake from the time he was born," Marty Lees said. "He has an enthusiastic life. He wakes up with a smile, and he usually crashes pretty darn hard. This is his family right here. We've been in three places (Oregon State, Oklahoma State and WSU), and they've all embraced him.

"He's got a really good personality. He makes me smile, too."

If you'd like a piece of Jake's time this weekend against McNeese State, though, you might want to arrive early to avoid the lines.

And yes, you saw that correctly: Jake's got his own Twitter.