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WSU vs. EWU: Open basketball game thread

Here's your place to talk about the game with other fans.

Harry How

Well, it's finally here - the first basketball game of the new season. I'm not sure if it's as anticipated as other recent seasons, mostly because football has dominated our consciousness for the past 11 months in a way that it hasn't in a long time. That hasn't always been a great thing, but whatever.

Tonight, Coug fans in Pullman get to pull a rare doubleheader: Basketball game at Beasley Coliseum then football game at Martin Stadium. Those of you like me, however, get the rare doubleheader of watching the two games from the comfort of your couch with a beverage.

Craig's game preview is above, as is our basketball roundtable in which we talk about the prospects of the team. Both are worth your time if you haven't read them yet.