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Stock Report: Checking in on the WSU basketball team

The WSU men's basketball team is set to begin the season Saturday, but before the Cougars take the court, we take a look at what to expect this season.


The focus around Washington State this week has been on a certain wide receiver and the current contents of his locker, but hey basketball starts Saturday!

Sherwood, Nuss and Craig discussed the upcoming season in their basketball roundtable, but I saw this stock report idea on another SB Nation site and have been looking for an excuse to rip it off test it out for myself.

So without further adieu, let's take a closer look at the 2012-13 WSU men's basketball team.

Blue Chip Stocks:

Brock Motum: Motum led the Pac-12 in scoring last season and returns as the only WSU player who averaged double figures a year ago. Motum was the 18th most efficient offensive player in the country last season and will likely be an even bigger factor offensively this season. Remember, when last season started, Motum was probably the third offensive threat behind Faisal Aden and Reggie Moore. Without proven alternatives, I expect Ken Bone to tell Motum to shoot until his arm falls off, then to shoot with his other hand.

Solid Investments:

DaVonte Lacy: Lacy had an up-and-down freshman season. Showing the ability to be a No. 2 scoring option at times and playing like a true freshman at others. With the departures and lack of experience in the backcourt, Lacy is going to have plenty of opportunity this season. Will he take advantage of it? I think so. Lacy played internationally during the summer, an experience which helped Klay Thompson and DeAngelo Casto.

Junk Bonds:

Pac-12 officials: It may be a new season, but I wouldn't expect much improvement from the officiating. There is, however, some upside here as everyone's favorite official Mike Littlewood won't be on the hardwood any time soon. Littlewood took over as the head baseball coach at BYU this season and is no longer officiating.

WSU's rebounding: The Cougars were terrible on the boards last season and lost four of their top five rebounders from that team. Motum has never been a dominant rebounder, so unless D.J. Shelton is going to turn into Danny Fortson circa 2000, WSU is going to be in trouble on the boards this season. WSU was outrebounded by Saint Martin's in the exhibition so ... yeah expect people to post REBOUND!!! in the gamethreads about eleventy billion times this time.


Buy: Mike Ladd finishing second in rebounding this season: Ladd should see plenty of time on the court this season and despite being a guard, he may be one of WSU's best rebounders. He started to play a more consistent role down the stretch and had a couple of big rebounding games including 11 against USC. Someone has to grab some rebounds, right?

Sell: Brock Motum's postgame wardrobe: I realize Motum is from Australia and maybe fashion is different there but seriously, he wore some interesting things in postgame press conferences.

Buy: Junior Longrus playing a major role come March: When people talked about the "great" recruiting class Bone and Co. put together in 2012, the focus was often on Que Johnson and Richard Peters. Longrus flew under the radar a bit, but he may be the player I'm most looking forward to watching. Longrus is athletic and does a little bit of everything. He's still a freshman and will struggle at times, but I think he can consistently be an impact player in the way James Watson flashed a few seasons ago.

Sell: Announcers correctly pronouncing Brett Boese's name correctly: While it may look like bo-essey or even boose, Boese's name is actually pronounced base. Basketball announcers have proven they can't pronounce Lodwick or Casto so why should we expect them to figure out Boese?