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Fresno State vs. WSU basketball: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter is back with a Sunday edition of his beer of the game.

Bax is ready to talk beer.
Bax is ready to talk beer.


Baxter's most favorite thing in the world after going outside is ball. It doesn't matter what type of ball, he just loves ball. He loves the squeaky mini tennis balls, the regular sized tennis balls, and he'll even have a go at a basketball if given the opportunity. Last night, we found out he really loves racquetballs.

We were at a friend's house watching Illinois win a basketball game and Baxter decided to wander upstairs to the friend's bedroom. Moments later, we heard him get really excited and run around upstairs. Soon after, he came down with a racquetball in his mouth. He played with the ball for the rest of the night, and even ignored me when I was leaving. Baxter really loves ball. Pretty much the way I feel about beer, if you want it to be connected in some way.

This week I was intrigued by an interesting brew I saw at the beer store. It is a collaboration between Stone from California, Jolly Pumpkin from Michigan, and Nogne out of Norway. Its name is simple: Special Holiday Ale.

The beer doesn't really have a style, rather the brewers wanted to incorporate ingredients that were native to each area. Michigan contributed chestnuts, California contributed white sage, and Norway added some juniper berries. The result is a complex beer.

Craig's review: The beer pours thick with a syrup quality. The head was thin and late arriving, as there wasn't a whole lot of carbonation (likely because it is a European beer and they don't carbonate things like Americans). The color is dark brown, almost black. The smell of the spices and berries is prevalent, as well as the the aroma of alcohol. At 8.5 percent ABV, it packs a bit of a punch.

The flavor has plenty to it. The roasted malts stand out, giving it a coffee sort of taste. The spices gave it an interesting kick, while the surprising 50 IBUs do a fine job balancing and cleaning up the finish. Overall, a tasty meal of a beer that begs to be enjoyed slowly.

Baxter's review: Huh? Ball! Where's my ball? Where did my ball go? I can't find my ball. I think Craig hid my ball. He always hide my ball behind is back after pretending to throw it. Drives me crazy. I don''t have time to review a beer right now, I need to find my ball.

So that is what Baxter and I are having, what beers have you been drinking this week?