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Hot Cougar Action: Revisiting Moore vs. Thames ... again

Tired of debating how hot Ken Bone's seat is? Well you're in luck as instead you can discuss possibly the most discussed WSU related topic in the last four years.

Stephen Dunn

The debate of Reggie Moore vs. Xavier Thames has been discussed ad nauseam since Thames departed for San Diego State, but hey what's one more time.

As you probably know, Thames lost a competition for the starting point guard spot as a freshman then left after one season when he didn't think he would be able to get playing time going forward. Since then, and with the subsequent departure of Moore, Cougar fans love to debate whether Ken Bone made the right decision by "choosing" Moore over Thames.

Bud Withers of the Seattle times revisited the situation on Wednesday, including a few interesting quotes. Bone is often accused of favoring Moore because he was from Seattle, an area Bone wanted to actively recruit. Bone refuted that had anything to do with the situation.

"Reggie just simply beat him out," Bone told The Seattle Times before this season. "It was not like, 'Hey, this guy's from Sacramento,' or 'This guy's the guy we recruited.' That has zero to do with any of it. We're going to put the best guys on the floor."

Withers didn't talk to Thames, but did get quotes from his father and high school coach. Thames father, Ray, confirms what most people long-believed, Thames left because of playing time.

"Basically, the bottom line was, he felt Reggie was coach Bone's guy," says Ray Thames. "I think he felt it was going to take a whole lot to supplant Reggie, and he didn't know if he was going to get the opportunity to do that."

Thames' high school coach provided some more interesting insight, even if it doesn't make much sense. According to John DePonte, Thames wasn't happy with the pace WSU played in Bone's first season. Tony Bennett apparently told Thames WSU was going to play at a faster pace. The Cougars averaged 69.3 possessions per game in Thames' only season at WSU. He transferred to San Diego State. The Aztecs are averaging 67.9 possessions per game this season.

Men's Basketball:

Once again, it's bad news on the Mike Ladd front as Bone doesn't expect Ladd to play against Washington.


Cougars’ Ladd ‘very doubtful’ - - Feb. 28, 2013
It appears Washington State will be shorthanded once again on Sunday. Mike Ladd’s left knee injury hasn’t yet healed to the point where he’s able to play – or practice – and his status for Sunday’s game at Washington is "very doubtful," coach Ken Bone said. Ladd hasn’t played since Feb. 9 at UCLA.

With Xavier Thames and Reggie Moore long gone, Washington State is pointless | Cougar Basketball | The Seattle Times
As Washington State's forgettable 2012-13 men's basketball season winds down, its point guard is expected to be on the bench Sunday at Washington.

Washington State Cougars - - Feb. 28, 2013
COMING UP: Sunday at Washington (Root), 12:30 p.m. OUTLOOK: Three chances remain for Washington State to avoid its worst conference record since the 2002-03 season, when the Cougars finished 2-16 in Paul Graham’s final season as coach.


WSU put together a video from the Night with Cougar Football event in Seattle. There is a Jedzilla appearance, so obviously you are clicking this link.


A Night with Cougar Football - Washington State University Cougars
Washington State Athletics embarked on a four-city tour during February to give Cougar fans the opportunity to spend "A Night with Cougar Football." Hear from past Cougar players in this video from the "A Night with Cougar Football" event in Seattle.