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Ken Bone continues to wait on meeting with Bill Moos

In trying to read the tea leaves, it would seem that no news is good news for the job status of the embattled coach.


The questions about job status of WSU basketball coach Ken Bone continue to hang in the air -- at least for fans, who are eager for some sort of resolution.

Bill Moos said on his radio show nine days ago, "I communicated with Ken we'll get together maybe as soon as tomorrow but probably next week and recap the season and talk about where we're going from here." Two days ago, Howie Stalwick reported at, "Washington State athletic director Bill Moos plans to meet with basketball coach Ken Bone this week and will not comment before then on Bone's job status, a WSU spokesperson said today."

Clearly, we're all in a lot bigger hurry than Moos. And I can't help but think that's probably good news for the incumbent.

Moos said the same things after the end of the basketball season that he's saying now with regards to the status of any coach -- some variation of, "I won't comment publicly on the status of a coach, we'll sit down and meet at the end of the year to evaluate the state of the program." He said the same things about Paul Wulff's job security 16 months ago.

The difference here, though, is this: Following that fateful fourth season for Wulff, Moos and his coach met right away, within 24 hours of the Apple Cup loss in 2011. Within 48 hours of that, he was gone. And within 24 hours of that, Mike Leach was hired.

It has been exactly two weeks since WSU was bounced from the Pac-12 Tournament by Washington. One has to think that if Moos intended to make a change, something would have been done by now.

Now, that's not always the case. Sometimes athletics directors will wait until the end of the tournament, using the huge gathering at the Final Four as a networking event. But at this point, the only reason for an AD to wait is if he intends to go after a coach who's still in the tournament. You see anyone left who's going to fit into WSU's tax bracket? And if WSU had wanted to make a change, it would have been smart to get ahead of the game instead of waiting until now, when other ADs are trying to fill their more attractive jobs.

My guess? Moos either is in no hurry because he already knows he's not going to let Bone go, or he's putting out his feelers to see what kind of options are available -- because Moos just doesn't move forward without a clearly defined plan -- and he isn't hearing what he wants to hear. I'd guess it's the former.

What do you think? Is this a good sign for Bone, and a bad sign for those who want a change?