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Ken Bone apparently set to keep his job for a 5th year

After meeting with athletics director Bill Moos, all indications are now pointing to the WSU basketball coach keeping his job.


Earlier tonight, I openly wondered if no news was good news for WSU basketball coach Ken Bone. About 15 minutes later, WSU sent out an email stating that Bone would hold his regular season-ending news conference on Thursday.

Which, of course, led me to wonder: Would athletics director Bill Moos let him go hold his season-ending news conference without them having met to talk about his job status? I've seen that one before ... didn't go over so well.

Soon after that, confirmation came that Moos and Bone have indeed met:

Of course, Moos and Paul Wulff met without a final resolution to the coach's job status, and Wulff was allowed to go talk to a group of boosters in Spokane as he sat in limbo. But he wasn't trotted out to talk to the media, so although Moos has yet to say anything publicly, it would seem all systems go for the coach to head into his fifth season.

With this seemingly resolved, are you happy to simply have a resolution?