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Did Tanner Lancona's dad visit a message board and blast Ken Bone?

"Seanlancona" has a different take on the "mutual" decision that led Tanner Lancona to be released from his letter of intent with WSU.

"Seanlancona" will not be buying Ken Bone a beer anytime soon.
"Seanlancona" will not be buying Ken Bone a beer anytime soon.
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When incoming basketball recruit Tanner Lancona announced via his Twitter account that he was no longer bound for WSU because of a "mutual" decision that released him from his letter of intent, a number of people -- including yours truly -- immediately thought something smelled fishy.

The debate over Lancona centers around one thing: Was it really "mutual," as both Ken Bone and Lancona himself stated?

Well, if you believe "Seanlancona" -- a first-time poster over at who jumped into a thread about Tanner Lancona on Friday -- you were right to be skeptical. Tanner's dad's name is Sean, and while we have no way to verify this post actually came from him, well ... you can judge for yourself if you believe the following, which came in response to a discussion about whether Tanner wanted out because he had been told he wouldn't get much playing time:

For the record Tanner never wavered on being a Coug. His entire life from the time he signed until last Thursday was about being a Coug. Tanner was ready to bleed for you and we have never asked nor been told about any sort of playing time. Tanner would of earned his way onto your court. I will not tell you exactly what happened in our house last Thursday but the one thing I will say is what Tanners response was to a 30 min conversation. Tanner said and I will quote. "Thank you for your time and thank you for coming to see me in person good luck and I will see you on the court" That was tanners entire response to our meeting. Coach Johnson said 6 words and the rest was From Coach Bone.

I will say that it's unusual for a parent to go this route, but as a parent I also can say that it would drive me absolutely bananas if misinformation was being spread about my kid that made him look like something he isn't. Most parents in this process are able to let it go, but at this point, I suppose "Seanlancona" has nothing to lose with a bunch of Cougar fans.

And this actually is relevant to Tanner's current situation in the sense that if other coaches get the impression that playing time is most important, it could limit Tanner's opportunities. So setting the record straight isn't just about defending his kid.

"Seanlancona" goes on to make it clear what he thinks of Bone:

The question should be how much could he of done for your program and how soon can he start doing it. You should be proud that Tanner has not spoke out against your program and instead did what even I have trouble doing which is take the high road. He was very proud to join you even if your the last place school in the PAC 12 and lose to the WAC and WCC.

I have learned something from an 18 year old and I will never forget it, it's called class and I wish he had been shown the same class as he is giving to you.

"Seanlancona" also reports that Tanner has already picked up a number of offers, including Kansas State, Penn State, Clemson and Saint Louis. If that's truly the case, he's going to land on his feet, which is great news.

You have taught my son a lesson he will not soon forget.........I suggest we all just let it go because somewhere the basketball gods have already made their decision on his fate.

Strong words ... if indeed they are from his dad. Do you think this is legit?