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HCA: Catching up with Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson sat down for a Q&A with Cougars Quarterly and it's a good thing, because there is nothing else.

Jeff Gross

Before long, Monday editions of the HCA will be loaded with links looking back at that weekend's football game. Today's links make it painfully clear we are not there yet. Even with fall camp less than a month away, there is not a bit of linkable football news to be found.

Fortunately, Klay Thompson did me a solid and sat down for an interview with Cougars Quarterly. In the 10-question Q&A, Thompson talks about his budding NBA career, compared Beasley Coliseum crowds to NBA playoff crowds and took a quick trip down memory lane. Below are a couple of the highlights, with the full interview available here.

CQ: How did WSU shape you?

Klay: I've learned to appreciate Pullman. When you leave and go to all these big cities, you appreciate having that peace and quiet. You appreciate the fans, you appreciate the community. I picked the perfect school that suited me. I really love it out there. I understand why people say that Pullman grows on you. It really grew on me. I love coming back to visit.

CQ: Lastly, what does it mean to you to be a Coug?

Klay: It's like family, being a Cougar is like being in a family. Everyone is so friendly. There are Cougs all over the country. Every time I play in a different arena I see a Coug. It's pretty special.


10 Questions with Klay Thompson - Washington State Official Athletic Site
CQ: What is your favorite memory from your WSU playing days? Klay: My junior season, we ruled the state of Washington that year. We beat the Zags, and the Dawgs twice. That was my favorite memory.