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WSU basketball scholarship allocations

The 2015 recruiting class will be a huge one for Ken Bone. (Or whoever is coaching the team.)


With news that WSU has picked a verbal commitment from Tramaine Isabell, a point guard from Lakeside School in Seattle, now seems like a good time to resurrect one of CougCenter's original features: The basketball scholarship chart.

It's a quick and dirty view of how Ken Bone has allocated his scholarships, and it gives you a good sense of who's going to be on the roster for the next few years and what the potential recruiting needs are going to be in the future.

Oh, and before you get too worked up about what you're about to see, a word of caution: Here's the original scholarship chart from Grady. Check out who the upperclassmen on last year's team and this year's team were supposed to be. You've been warned.

WSU Basketball Scholarship Chart

Something that is obvious right away: The 2015 recruiting class is going to be a huge one. Assuming Ken Bone picks up a pair of players to fill his vacant spots for next season, there will be five scholarships to hand out in that 2015 class. And while I hate to keep returning to this, you've got to figure that all those open slots will play into Bill Moos' decision about what to do with Bone at the end of this season. It's undeniable that the six-man freshman class brought in by Tony Bennett hamstrung Bone early in his tenure, and I would assume Moos wouldn't want to do that to another coach.

However, when you look at the chart, it's clear that the season after this one is probably Bone's best shot at having a very good team. Have I mentioned that I don't envy Moos?

What about you? What do you see in here? What would be on your wish list?