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2014-15 WSU Basketball's historic badness in 3 charts

The Ernie Kent era is not off to a fast start.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington State basketball team fell at home to Idaho on Wednesday night. That's not a thing that good teams do. It's not even a thing that mediocre teams do. It's rarely a thing that bad teams do. But it is something that a historically bad WSU team might do.

And the 2014-15 WSU basketball team just might be historically bad.

Last night's loss dropped the Cougs to No. 229 in Ken Pomeroy's rankings. If that holds, it would be the lowest the team has been going back to the 2001-2 season. That includes what was likely Paul Graham's two worst teams.


But is the ranking a sure sign of historical ineptitude? Maybe not. While WSU is still not good, Ken Pomeroy's pythag rating (which he uses to rank teams) is higher this year - remember there are 24 more teams in Division I college basketball than there were in 2002.


Is 2002 not going back far enough for you to determine WSU's historical badness? You're in luck: Basketball Reference has a rating system based on point differential and strength of schedule called, simply, "Simple Rating System" that goes back to 1980.


As far as SRS is concerned, this is the worst WSU basketball team in the past 35 years. Ken Pomeroy puts them very close to Graham's worst teams. I honestly didn't think it was possible for WSU to be that bad again.

But they are, unless something really comes together over the next 24 games.