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Predict WSU's next basketball coach

In an ideal world, coaching searches don't come around all that often, so let's make the most of it.

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About six months ago, an interesting email showed up in my inbox one morning. It was from the wife of a friend of mine. They were expecting their first child and the email contained a link to an online baby pool they were doing with their friends. Having not had any kids myself, I had no idea people did baby pools or what they were, but it was something to bet on, so I was in.

If you're unaware like I was, a baby pool is essentially a contest where people guess various aspects of the birth. The date, gender, time, eye color, etc. A college basketball coaching hiring doesn't have a lot in common with the birth of a child, but I'm always looking for an excuse to create a contest. So as a result, let's play: Name WSU's Next Coach! (working title).

Here is how this works. Everyone will guess an answer to the four questions below. They'll get points depending on how close their answer is to the actual result. I'll keep track of it all in the table below and at the end someone will be praised as the best degenerate gambler CougCenter has ever known. Here's a rundown of the four questions and how the points will be awarded.

Q1: The name of the next head coach (200 points)

Q2: The date WSU officially announces the hire (140 points, -20 points per day off)

Q3: The length of the contract in years (50 points, -10 points per year off)

Q4: Average annual salary (100 points, -10 points per $50,000 off)

I'll get it started with my best guess

Member WSU's next coach Official announcement Contract length Average annual salary
Mark Sandritter Leon Rice April 1 5 years $925,000
CarolinaCoug Eric Musselman March 30 4 years $800,000
J.J. FeKl Ernie Kent March 26 5 years $1.1 million
B-Lot tailgater Saul Phillips April 2 5 years $1.1 million
Jeff Nusser Rodney Terry March 28 5 years $900,000
Kyle Sherwood Saul Phillips March 31 5 years $1.2 million
Brian Cobb Saul Phillips April 1 5 years $1.25 million
Ryan Eames Marvin Menzies March 26 5 years $1.05 million
TrueCoug Ben Howland March 25 5 years $1.8 million
SoCalCoug Reggie Theus March 31 4 years $1.2 million
CougarsRockHuskiesSuck Ben Johnson March 31 5 years $1.05 million
RG84 John Calapari April 1 12 years $5 million
kukuforcougs22 Phil Jackson March 25 5 years $10 million
hollyweirdcoug Ernie Kent March 24 5 years $1 million
Fractal Ernie Kent March 27 5 years $1.1 million
02Coug Bob Hoffman April 4 5 years $800,000
spokanecougar Saul Phillips March 31 5 years $1.2 million
klokkins Leon Rice March 31 5 years $1.25 million

Have at it.

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