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Bill Moos: WSU could have a new coach 'within a day or two, maybe sooner'

Bill Moos hopped on the radio and gave a very brief update on WSU's search for a new men's basketball coach.

It's Monday which means Bill Moos was back on the radio, joining Bud Nameck for another episode of Cougar Calls with Bill Moos. WSU's search for a new basketball coach came up, briefly. Although Moos didn't provide a lot of intel, he did reiterate that he expects to have a new coach in place before the end of the NCAA Tournament.

"Very close to making an announcement, within a day or two, maybe sooner," Moos said.

That was about it when it came to the coaching search. Moos has been tight-lipped on the search from the start, so I guess we shouldn't have expected much more. While the coaching search continues, there is a chance a wrench is thrown into the process today with California coach Mike Montgomery potentially retiring. That could impact WSU's search, but Moos didn't think it would have a major effect. He said there were coaches on his list who would likely have interest in the Bears, but Moos did not get into deep negotiations with any of those candidates.

Nameck asked whether basketball facilities were a big issue with coaching candidates and Moos said "not really." He said they are working on modernizing facilities including Beasley Coliseum and locker rooms. He said adding a weight room to the locker room area was a goal.

"One to 10, our facilities are not a 10. But, they're not a five either, they are somewhere in-between."

Moos said Cougar fans will be "excited and enthused" about the direction of Cougar basketball.

Here are some other highlights from the show:

  • The Cougars have identified three candidates to be the next track and field coach. Moos has met with one and will meet with the other two soon. That hiring should also happen soon.
  • WSU will host the Pac-12 track and field championships this year. Moos talked about the work put in to make that happen, including resurfacing the track. WSU will host a bit of a homecoming for previous track and field athletes that weekend, while also celebrating Rick Sloan who is retiring.
  • Moos said he was not in favor of college athletes unionizing. He said he thinks student athletes need a larger stipend, more in line with current ticket prices. He mentioned the possibility of separating the five main BCS conferences, possibly even from the NCAA.
  • Moos confirmed that WSU would hold fall camp in Lewiston again this year. The Cougars headed to Lewiston last year because of construction to the FOB. Those issues won't persist this year, but the Cougars will still head back to Lewiston. Mike Leach and players praised the camp structure last year, so now we get another year of the Lewiston Boys.