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Cougars prepare for final homestand

WSU's regular season will come to a close this week, but not before a final homestand.

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In all likelihood, Washington State has three games remaining this season. The Cougars could play more with a little success in the Pac-12 Tournament, but they will play at least three more. Those games begin this week with a pair at home against the Los Angeles schools.

Although it's a lost season, WSU will have something to play for on Thursday. Well, that's if you consider 11th place in the Pac-12 something to play for. At 2-14 in Pac-12 play, the Cougars are actually a game ahead of the 1-15 Trojans. A win on Thursday will keep the Cougars out of the basement. It's the little things in life.

If you're looking for a rooting interest for the rest of the season, you know other than winning games, here are a couple of tidbits you can root for.

  • D.J. Shelton is currently averaging 9.9 points and 9.3 rebounds per game. He would need a monster game or two, but if he's able to average 11.0 points and 16.3 rebounds per game, Shelton will finish with a double-double average.
  • Injuries robbed DaVonte Lacy from the chance to set most single-season records, but he can still finish one of the better scoring averages in WSU history. He's currently averaging 19.6 points per game, which would be good for the sixth-best. He'll need to average 20.1 points per game to pass Klay Thompson for the No. 5 season. He'd need to average 22.7 the rest of the way to become the fifth different Cougar to average 20 points per game. He'd have to average 35.7 per game to pass Klay Thompson for the Junior scoring average record. Fire away, 'Vonte.

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Washington State: The Cougars lose nose tackle Ioane Gauta but welcome back Kalafitoni Pole, who is projected to move back inside and replace Gauta after playing DT last year. Xavier Cooper likely then moves from end and replaces Pole. Redshirt freshman NT Daniel Ekuale is promising, while Darryl Paulo, Gerald Sterling and Robert Barber are also in the mix.


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