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Let's celebrate WSU basketball's favorite Valentine (Izundu)

Cougar basketball hasn't been much fun overall, but that most definitely does not apply to our shot blocking machine.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Valentine's Day, which of course you already know if you have a significant other, and you probably also already know even if you don't, if for nothing else than the self-loathing loneliness you're likely engaging in.

But I'll bet you didn't know this!

Izundu has brought a measure of fun to what has been a not very fun WSU basketball season. If you're unfamiliar, he's 6-foot-10, has a massive wingspan, and can jump really, really high into the air:

Whenever Izundu is on the floor, opponents are on notice -- he personally rejects an absurd 15 percent of their 2-pointers. The only reason Izundu isn't at the top of Ken Pomeroy's block percentage leaderboard is that a foot injury (from which he has since returned) has left him below the arbitrary minutes played threshold. But it's indisputable that Izundu is one of the very best shot blockers in the country.

So, in honor of my favorite Valentine not named Sarah Nusser, let's enjoy and appreciate some of Izundu's top plays this season.