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Jamar Ergas also transferring from WSU basketball

The little-used guard leaves in search of playing time.

The Washington State Cougars lost another member of the basketball team on Wednesday when little-used reserve guard Jamar Ergas announced he would be transferring.

Unlike the two previous departures — Robert Franks and Malachi Flynn — this one doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Ergas, who was considered an athletic project when he arrived, redshirted in 2016-17 and then played just 16 minutes this past season, scoring four total points.

This move comes with Ernie Kent’s apparent approval.

“He’s a great student, he’s been a great teammate and we wish him well,” Kent told The Spokesman-Review. “He needs to play and it’s going to be hard for him to do that here.”

About that last part.

Kent plays three guards/wings at all times, and these are the players left on the roster who fit that bill: Milan Acquaah, Viont’e Daniels, Kwinton Hinson and Carter Skaggs. C.J. Elleby, a 6-foot-6 wing who has signed a letter of intent, will presumably join them. You’re telling me it was going to be so hard for him to break into that? Plus, he was only going to be a sophomore, and Daniels and Hinson are going to be seniors, meaning he’d be in line for heavy minutes as a junior, regardless.

Let’s just say there’s probably a reason you won’t be reading any columns lambasting Ergas for spitting in the face of the investment WSU made in him with a scholarship the last two seasons.

Here’s an updated list of all of the players Ernie Kent has signed since becoming coach at WSU. Of the 21 players he has signed, only half have either exhausted their eligibility or remained on track to do so:

Ernie Kent’s Recruiting

Player Signed From Status
Player Signed From Status
Trevor Dunbar 2014 HS Transferred, March 2015
Jackie Davis Jr. 2014 HS Transferred, March 2015
Aaron Cheatum 2014 JC Transferred, March 2015
Ny Redding 2014 HS Transferred, March 2015
Valentine Izundu 2014 TR Transferred, March 2015
Renard Suggs 2015 JC Transferred, March 2016
Derrien King 2015 JC Transferred, December 2016
Conor Clifford 2015 JC Graduated, 2017
Charles Callison 2015 JC Graduated, 2017
Viont'e Daniels 2015 HS On track to graduate
Robert Franks 2015 HS On track to graduate
Malachi Flynn 2016 HS Transferred, March 2018
Jamar Ergas 2016 HS` Transferred, March 2018
KJ Langston 2016 JC Transferred, May 2018
Milan Acquaah 2016 HS Transferred, April 2018
Arinze Chidom 2016 HS Transferred, December 2018
Jeff Pollard 2016 HS On track to graduate
Drick Bernstine 2017 GRAD Graduated, 2018
Kwinton Hinson 2017 JC Transferred, June 2018
Davante Cooper 2017 JC On track to graduate
Carter Skaggs 2017 JC On track to graduate

And lastly, here’s how the scholarship situation now stands.