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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Kyle Smith is official, Tony is in the Final Four

We’re still pretty fired up about our new coach.

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WSU Athletics

Episode 12! Normally, we’d be talking about a bunch of spring football, but we just can’t resist talking about our new Washington State Cougars basketball coach, Kyle Smith. Mostly basketball talk on this one!

  • Beer: What is chicory? Jeff’s beer has some in it. Listen and get learnt. Craig drinks a funny named kolsch.
  • WSU: Our new basketball coach is official. Let’s talk some more about why we love Kyle Smith after watching his introductory news conference.
  • NCAA tournament: Tony Bennett is in the Final Four. How do we feel about this? Let’s have a therapy session.
  • Politics: The president keeps lying about stuff. This time, it’s about Puerto Rico. Gross.
  • Parenting: Small kids figuring stuff out is hilarious.

Fair warning: We use naughty words from time to time.

You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care.

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Also, a disclaimer for the CougCenter community: Since this podcast tackles topics we don’t normally broach at CougCenter, commenting on those topics is fair game here.