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Podcast Vs. Everyone: Road remains unkind, but hope persists!

WSU once again comes back home with a pair of losses, but Cal is coming to town.

Washington State v USC Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

The Washington State Cougars put up a good fight against the UCLA Bruins last week before getting steamrolled by the USC Trojans, but the result was the same: A pair of losses on the road.

BUT! There’s hope for a win — win(s)? — this weekend at home against the California Golden Bears and Stanford Cardinal. Let’s break it all down.

Show rundown:

  • Hoops: Missed opportunity against UCLA, and then a no-chancer against USC. What a bummer.
  • Beer/Texas Talk (27:00ish): Jeff spent the weekend in Texas, so he brought back some beer, which he is drinking. Craig found a Dad Beer. And let’s talk barbecue ...
  • Hoops again (49:00ish): Let’s preview Cal and Stanford. One of these games presents a great opportunity for a win, while the other ... maybe?
  • Baseball (1:08:00ish): They lost some games early. Whatever.

Fair warning, we do use naughty words from time. You’ll probably hate it. We don’t care.

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