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Baxter’s beer for the Cougs vs. Coogs

Baxter is celebrating WSU’s stacked receiving corps with this week’s beer.

Sometimes Baxter just wants to talk about beer and breweries and the beermaking process in this space. Sometimes his beers have nothing to do with what is happening on the field for the Washington State Cougars. This is not one of those times.

Like all of us, Baxter is enamored with the talent and depth the Cougs have at wide receiver. He’s amazed that Dezmon Patmon and Easop Winston, Jr., who could both start anywhere, split time at Wazzu. He watches Travell Harris make big play after big play, but doesn’t even sweat (that’s a dog joke, they don’t actually sweat anyway) when Harris heads to the sideline. That’s when Renard Bell checks into the game, and Bell is very good.

Then there’s the ‘X’ position, where potentially the three fastest, most athletic receivers on the team are vying for time. Oh, and did we mention the ‘Y’? The returning starter is hurt (sorry, “happy and healthy”), and all the next guy in line has done is post a 100-yard game and a touchdown.

This is an embarrassment of riches for quarterback Anthony Gordon, and it will make a big difference against the Houston Cougars, and in every other game. That’s why Baxter’s beer of the game is Revision Jewel Box—because this receiving corps is a box of jewels. High-priced, rare gems too. Not that knock off crap you get at that overpriced designer store that you shop at because your significant other just loves how everything is so sparkly (always get that stuff on sale).

So, beer then...Revision Brewing Company is based in Sparks, Nev., near Reno. In recent years, the brewery’s beers have made their way into heavy distribution in the Pacific Northwest, and frankly, we are all better for it. Most of what you see from Revision around these parts will be IPAs, particularly New England Style IPAs (which Revision calls Northeast-Style IPAs). In case you don’t know, NEIPAs are the hazy ones.

Watch the video for visuals of Baxter and this beautiful beverage (click here if you are reading on Apple News):

What Revision really hits well with their NEIPAs is the full-bodied mouthfeel that is a hallmark of the best versions of the style. My girlfriend commented on it as we tried Jewel Box for this posting—it is nice and smooth. The beer also has those nice tropical aromatics you would expect from a NEIPA, with a touch more bitterness than usual. Overall, super solid and what I’ve come to expect from Revision.

That’s what Baxter and I will be having as the Cougs take on the Coogs. Let us know what you’ll be drinking!