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Baxter’s beer for the Cougs vs. Northern Colorado

Baxter thinks WSU will put Northern Colorado through Hell, and has picked an appropriate beer for the occasion.

Baxter and I have done extensive research on the Northern Colorado Bears football team, and we have decided that our Washington State Cougars will be putting the Rocky Mountain UNC through Hell on Saturday.

In that spirit, Baxter wanted to choose a Helles Lager for the occasion. The coolest dog in the world was out this week for the video, but we still got pictures thanks to my Dad and his wife Nancy. You can thank them for that Baxter underbite goodness. Check out the video below for the beer we chose (or linked here):

Mirage Pleated Khakis has a great name, as many of Mirage’s beers tend to have (this hiccup for which Mirage apologized profusely and handled itself well publicly being a notable exception). It’s also going to be hot again in Pullman, so a clean and refreshing style like Helles Lager seemed to fit.

This particular Helles is very good—typical for the brewery. Mirage is a small outfit without a taproom, but they crank out a lot of different beers. All of them seem to be one-offs, so if you see them at your local beer shop or finer grocery store, I recommend grabbing a can or bottle to check it out. You probably won’t see it again.

That’s what Baxter and I will be drinking as the Cougs battles the Bears. What will you be having?