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Bill Moos reacts to WSU football operations building approval, regents explain rationale

Calling it "a game-changing vote" for the football program, WSU athletics director Bill Moos lauds the Board of Regents for approving construction of a $61 million dedicated football operations building.

WSU Athletic Communications

Moos has lobbied long and hard for a building that will house all of Washington State University's football operations, and after finally getting his wish with the Board of Regents' approval on Friday, he didn't hold back his praise.

"This is a game-changing vote and I applaud the Regents for understanding its impact on the future of Washington State Athletics," Moos said.


"A significant part of our blueprint for creating a competitive and sustainable intercollegiate athletic program centers around facility enhancements and a football operations building is at the top of the list. Our football student-athletes spend six days a year in Martin Stadium but they spend six days a week in the weight room, locker room, training rooms, and coaches' offices.

"The table is now set for success: a high quality national coach of the year is at the helm; the athletic donor base is at an all-time high and continues to grow; season ticket sales are the highest they have been in 10 years; and the new premium seating area is complete and nearly sold out."

For their part, one regent explained the board's decision to give the project the green light this way:

WSU Regent Ron Sims said he considers the building critical to keeping student athletes healthy. "Football is not just a contact sport, it is a violent, physical sport," he said. "As a parent, if my child is going to compete in intercollegiate athletics, I want a facility where we are able to maximize his strength, stamina, recovery, flexibility, every aspect of his well-being."

I'm sure Christian Caple will have some quotes from coaches tonight, but I can tell you from my conversation with defensive coordinator Mike Breske at A Night With Cougar Football that they are ecstatic about this finally getting the go-ahead. Unlike the premium seating in Martin Stadium, this project directly impacts their ability to do their jobs.

Construction on the project will begin at the conclusion of this year's Apple Cup and is scheduled to be completed in June 2014.