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Apple Cup 2012: Travis Long is injured; Everything is awful

We don't know how bad Travis Long's injury is, but it doesn't look good.


For the past four years, Travis Long has been a warrior -- just an absolute warrior. He's player through pain, through nagging injuries and through some ugly times in Cougar football history. He's done it without complaint, keeping his head down and just going to work.

But now, I have no idea if he'll be able to take the field for his final game as a college football player, and final game in Martin Stadium. We know he injured his right leg and/or knee. There are rumors that it's bad, but we'll deal in strictly what we know. He didn't practice Monday and appeared hobbled as he watched from the sideline in sweats.

We don't know how bad Travis Long's injury is, but it doesn't look good.With a quick turnaround between Saturday's game and Friday's Apple Cup, it would seem that not practicing on Monday puts Long in the questionable category at best, and doubtful at worst. Mike Leach does not discuss injuries, though, so we're not exactly sure what kind of injury Long is dealing with.

From the sounds of it, though, it's not looking good for Long. And that's a damn shame. For a guy that's fought through so much, staring down the possibility of not being able to play in his final home game, and the Apple Cup, just isn't fair. Everything is awful.

On the other hand, would it surprise anyone if Long hobbled out onto the field on Saturday? I sometimes wonder if the only thing that would stop Long is a detached appendage. If his leg doesn't happen to fall off between now and Friday, I do wonder if he'd give it ago.

We'll wait and see, but the news that Long is dealing with a knee injury ahead of the final game of his college career is just the worst. There's no way to sugarcoat this: It sucks. Here's to a speedy recovery for a great player and a tough SOB.