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Marquess Wilson investigations winding down

WSU is finished with its investigation into Marquess Wilson's allegations, and the Pac-12 investigation may turn out to be a whole lot of nothing.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

We know that Washington State has finished its investigation into claims of abuse by Marquess Wilson. We also know that the Pac-12 is still investigating, but its work is also winding down. There may be some loose ends to tie up, but things are coming to a close. All that's really left is for each side to clean up the investigations and file reports.

So what's coming? I've heard that Washington State's investigation isn't anything groundbreaking. The investigation was quick, which also gels with that notion. The athletic department is simply finishing up its report and conducted its own due diligence. Jason Puckett spoke with the Pac-12 and the conference said its investigation was still ongoing with a fairly broad statement.

The Pac-12 is not quite done yet, though seems to be close. And while talking about something completely different today, Football Scoop tweeted a few interesting details. The conversation was actually about Leach's interview with Jim Moore today, if you're wondering.

If you haven't checked out Football Scoop, you might want to, either on Twitter -- @footballscoop -- or the website (or both!). It's plugged in and has solid connections within the coaching world, and the Twitter account is a vital news source. Also, they're just good people (or person).

Obviously nothing is final yet, and won't be until reports are filed. But this matches with rumors many of us have been hearing with regards to the investigation. In short, unless something shocking happens at the last minute, the investigations should turn out to be a whole lot of nothing.

As far as what's next, I'm hoping we can just put these last few weeks in the rear-view mirror. The whole saga has been a giant pain, and was the last thing I expected to see this season. If all goes as expected, Washington State will go straight to work in the offseason in an effort to improve and prepare for next year. And the cloud hanging over their head in the form of an investigation will finally go away.